Our range of services include:

Waterproofing Membranes to :

  • Wet Areas
  • Balconies
  • Rectification work
  • Tanking

Rectification and Refurbishment to:

  • Bathrooms, including all facets, eg. tiling
  • Balconies
  • Water leaks throughout a building
  • Concrete cancer

Internal and external caulking to:

  • Silicone work to Joinery and Stonework (Kitchen Bench & Vanity Tops, Bath Surrounds)
  • Internal Silicone to Stonework (Lift Surrounds, Lobbies, Stone Cladding & Paving)
  • External Caulking to Stonework (Paving, High Rise / Low Rise Façade Cladding)
  • Caulking to Facade Cladding
  • Pre cast Panels
  • Sealant Joints
  • Movement Joints and the like
  • Pool Expansion Joints
  • Saw Cuts
  • Removal of existing Mastic / Polyurethane and replacement.
  • Alucobond Panels


When caulking alucobond or similar type cladding it is important to remember that these systems have very high rates of movement when temperatures change which can be as simple as the sun passing behind clouds and re-emerging movement of 20% or more can result in traditional construction grade silicones failing and leaving exposure to leaking alucobond panels will move in excess of 30% so it is important to use silicones that are engineered to handle such rates of movement.

We carry all available colours in the Sikaflex® range and are happy to let you or your appointed person choose the best colour for your project.

Other services:

Acoustic Underlays / Membranes



King Waterproofing and Silicone Caulking has implemented its quality assurance to meet the requirements of AS3740-2004. The system was developed so that we can incorporate activities not incorporated in standard quality assurance systems.

The Company policy is to bring professionalism to all levels of staff, to provide consistent high quality to all clients requiring waterproofing or caulking services. King Waterproofing and Silicone Caulking places particular emphasis on experience, expertise and provide ongoing training.



Public liability and Work Cover Current Certificate of Currency will be supplied on request.


OH&S Compliance/Green Star

King Waterproofing and Silicone Caulking comply with all O H & S Legislation and Safe Work Method.

A full O H & S Plan for every project is supplied before starting on site.
King Waterproofing and Silicone Caulking manage its business so that all operational activities prevent any adverse effects on the local environment.

Ensuring also to protect the OH&S of our employees, contractors, customers and the community in which we operate, and in compliance with all relevant legislation.



BSA Waterproofing Licence

Queensland: 1150442
New South Wales
: 217556C

All staff are current CFMEU or BLF members.

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